Cathedral Restoration

Work on any building but especially on a very old landmark building like the St Muredach's Cathedral which will celebrate its bicentenary in 2027 is ongoing.

The following are a list of the works on the cathedral that need attention:

Our Financial Situation

We have spent almost €3million on the restoration work to date. Presently the parish is making financial repayments of approximately €9000 on the monies drawn down from the bank loan used to pay for the work already completed. The monies from the weekly Cathedral Restoration Envelope Collections are meeting these bank repayments.

It will possibly take another €3million to complete the outstanding works listed above. Our goal is to have the restoration work completed by 2027 when the Cathedral celebrates its bicentennial.

Renovation Work on the Cathedral already completed and paid for.

Phase 1

Repairs to the ceiling trusses, replacement of damaged timber, the re-plastering/restoring of the plasterwork of the ceilings by George O'Malley, repointing of the exterior walls except for the Tower Section, re-leading on top of the exterior walls where the pinnacles and parapets meet the top of the walls to prevent moisture seeping down through the walls, lightening protection works completed to update the lightening conductor system, the repair and cleaning of the mosaic, the tying up of the ceiling (metal discs inserted every six inches and tied to lines of wire on the attic side of the ceiling to secure the plaster work. ( an area of this ceiling in front of the gallery has still to be tied up. It will be completed as part of the painting of the cathedral) .

Work started in October 2014 and was completed in March 2016

Repairs to the Cathedral Steeple

When Rainey's were checking the lightening conductor system on the Cathedral Steeple, they discovered that the existing anchorage for the main cross had severely corroded and had lifted the stonework, at the top of the spire, as far down as the eight course from the top. The top eight courses of stone had to be dismantled to remove the old anchorage system and replace it with a new stainless steel anchorage system. Then rebuild the 8 stone courses and reinstate the main cross after it had been stripped and repainted. They were repairs made as well to fractured/damaged stones on the steeple, to the bell headstock and mountings which were cleaned back and treated with a primer and finish coat and a new hood moulding put in place above the marble plaque on the tower door.

Phase 2   -  Completed and paid for.( August 2019)

Phase 2 of the work has cost approximately €500, 000 to complete, paid for without borrowing any further monies from the bank using the €169, 000 raised from the very successful Cathedral Draw, a €100, 000 contribution from the diocese and the balance of €231,00 from the Parish of Kilmoremoy Account

St Muredach's Cathedral


192 years since it's beginning,

Time Line Comparison

1830: In England the lawn mower is invented

1830: A Frenchman patents a sewing machine

1829: Scotch tape is invented

1875: In Canada the light bulb is invented,
          Thomas Edison buys the patent

1876: Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone

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