Reopening for Mass
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              Reopening for Mass
 In these days parishes throughout the diocese of
Killala are all in the process of preparing to reopen
our churches to the public. In many ways reopening
our churches is proving more difficult than closing
them. Notwithstanding, great efforts are being made
by people and priests in all the parishes, including
our own. Please God, things will continue to work
out well.
A Framework Document circulated to parishes by
the bishops is assisting us in our preparations. It
outlines clearly the necessary steps required of all
parishes to ensure that reopening happens in a safe
and measured way. The Document states that in all
circumstances the safety and health of people and
priests must be paramount. No church should be
opened for public prayer or worship until the
satisfactory arrangements as indicated in this
Document have been put in place.
Consequently, the vast majority of parishes in the
diocese of Killala have decided to defer the
reopening of churches until Monday, July 20th next.
This is to allow parishes some additional time and
space to prepare adequately for reopening, paying
due diligence to all of the requirements laid out in
the Framework Document. This is a long and
tedious task for all involved. But it is in the interests
of the health and safety of everyone, and particularly
our senior citizens. Moreover, the July 20th date
endeavours to respect the expressed wish of our
bishop, Dr. Fleming, that all of the parishes reopen
on the same day.
In the light of the above, the parish of Kilmoremoy is
working towards reopening on July 20th next.
I know this is difficult and the procedures appear to
restrict and delay severely our public celebration of
the Mass, but I ask for your patience and
understanding as we move forward, methodically
and safely.
I continue to pray for you and your family every day.
 Fr. Aidan O’Boyle, PP

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